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A Very Chirashi + Cristal Christmas

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

We've made it almost to the end of 2020! Since we couldn't carry on our annual holiday tradition of hosting a small champagne or wine tasting for Friendsmas, we had a mini celebration at home with some of our favorite things: chirashi and sushi from ShariNori by Chef Han, paired with Cristal (our Christmas present to ourselves), Farmgirl Flowers for some holiday cheer, and delicious desserts from Simply Sweet Cakery.

In such a uniquely difficult year, we're wishing everyone a safe and joyous holiday season, however your celebrations may look this year.

Sushi and Cristal Champagne with Desserts in front of some Christmas stockings hung above a fireplace

ShariNori by Chef Han menu items, from left to right:

SOY BOX: This collaboration with @foodwithsoy features 6 pieces of nigiri made with barley-infused sushi rice, 2 pieces of sashimi, and a 4 piece sushi roll, with proceeds going to CHOC's holiday toy donation drive. Loved all the creative combos and names that they came up with:

- "Yuzu Got This" w/ Yuzu Wasabi and Rice Cracker Pearls

- "Double Aries" Hamachi w/ Jalapeño Salsa

- "Caviartist" Salmon w/ Yuzu Garlic Cream, Osetra Caviar, and Sea Bean Dust

- "TruffleMaker" Hamachi w/ Uni & Truffle

- "Good Juju" Salmon w/ Persimmon and Jujubes

- "Hamachoi" Hamachi w/ Perilla Chimichurri

- "Ube Your Taste" Ube Atsuyaki Tamago

- "Money Tree" Salmon Belly (2pcs) w/ Ikura, Yuzu Kosho & Gold Flakes

- "Manifish Roll" Inside: Spicy Tuna Roll with Avocado & Cucumber;

Outside: Barley Koji Crusted Albacore topped w/ 4 different garnishes

- "Spicy ‘Mame" Spicy Edamame

PREMIUM CHIRASHI: assorted premium fish, uni, and ikura, topped with truffle flakes and decorated with decadent gold flakes and edible flowers

SALMON LOVER: 6 pieces of salmon sushi, 2 pieces of salmon belly sashimi, one salmon avocado roll, served with atsuyaki tamago

PREMIUM OMAKASE SASHIMI: 15 pieces of assorted premium sashimi, served with atsuyaki tamago

Almost too beautiful to eat!

Sushi and Cristal Champagne with Desserts in front of some in front of a fireplace

A quick video in front of the fireplace to document the deliciousness:

And an obligatory close up of this chirashi beauty with our champs. We've been enjoying these coupe champagne glasses with festive gold toned rims that just happen to match the gold flakes on top of ShariNori's gorgeous sushi creations:

Chirashi sushi and Cristal champagne in a coupe glass

One silver lining from 2020 is that our favorite custom small business bakery, Simply Sweet Cakery, opened up a holiday online shop! We first fell in love with Simply Sweet Cakery when we did our wedding cake tasting there, and ever since then, we've commemorated all kinds of special occasions with their beautiful baked treats.

Below you'll see Simply Sweet Cakery's strawberry pastry tarts with the cutest little sprinkles on top, their super addictive "cracker candy" bars, salted chocolate chip cookie, and Christmas sugar cookie. We were also in the mood for apple strudel (last minute add), so we picked up a box of apple strudel bites from Sprouts to include in our little dessert spread.

Farmgirl Flowers "Merry Mini" floral centerpiece with Simply Sweet Cakery desserts

We definitely didn't finish everything, but we're more than happy to have leftovers to enjoy later. Stay safe and cheers to a calmer 2021 for everyone!


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