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Surrounded by a Sea of Ranunculus at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad

Updated: Jul 18, 2021


5704 Paseo Del Norte

Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone: 760.431.0352

Average cost: $

Parking: The Flower Fields has a parking lot that's adjacent to the Flower Fields entrance, plus a sand/gravel lot for additional parking. Unless you get in early to snag a spot in the paved parking lot, your car will likely get dusty in the additional parking lot.

Notes: For the 2021 season, all visitors must pre-purchase tickets online, as there are no onsite tickets. For GPS nav directions, if you just type in the address on the tickets, you'll be taken to the scenic viewpoint above the fields (great panoramic view, but sadly not where you want to go to check in for your tickets). To avoid this, type in "The Flower Fields" and select the same address. FYI, there's another "Flower Fields" about 5 miles away so make sure the address matches up before you head out.

Recommended: If you're a flower fan, you'll probably want to go at least once a season! Current season is from 9am - 6pm from March 1st - May 9th.

It was so wonderful to go outside for some fresh air and sunshine with my SD bestie, all while enjoying the magnificent riot of colors at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad. Masks are required, so while I couldn't quite smell fresh floral scents through the mask layers, it was lovely to be able to drink it all in with my eyes. The folks at the Flower Fields are very organized, and have signs up with respect to waiting in line for photo opportunities (and reminders to put your mask back on after you snap your photo op), of which there are many! We didn't stop at every single one, but here are some so you can get a sense of variety:

There are complimentary maps of all the different areas conveniently located at the entrance, and on weekends there are even a couple options for refreshments aside from the onsite vending machines. We didn't get a chance to try any (brought our own water this time), but would love to check out the Strawberry Shack and Lemonade Stand in particular next time! We did get a chance to stop by the beautiful Sweet Pea Maze:

We had a blast taking our time and making our way around the fields. There's a wagon tour for an additional fee, for anyone who isn't able or interested in walking, but highly recommend taking your time to walk, so you can go at your own pace and enjoy all the well-maintained and beautiful details that surround you:

Love that you can see the point where ocean meets sky peeking over the horizon.

Never knew how large ranunculus and Icelandic poppies could get - some showstopping petals that look unreal, with what looks like some anemones mixed in as well.

Special thanks to our SD bestie, Maura, for helping us take advantage of these picturesque surroundings and memorialize our moments in the sun with her excellent photography skills:

If you plan to visit, don't forget your sunscreen! It's been a while since we've spent an extended period of time outdoors, so I definitely left with a mild sunburn and some tan lines. WELL worth it! Near the exit, there are some fun souvenirs if you're so inclined, including some cut ranunculus and potted florals for floral DIY at home.


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