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"Sunday/Sundae Kind of Love" - Floral DIY

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your 2021 is off to a good start. This year, Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, and President's Day are all rolled into one holiday weekend. With so many reasons to celebrate, we couldn't miss the opportunity to brighten our home with some Farmgirl Flowers. So many #FGFlove beauties on the Farmgirl Flowers website as always, but this festive arrangement, "Sundae Kind of Love" caught our eye. This particular arrangement comes with a beautiful dusty rose vase.

For those who aren't familiar with Farmgirl Flowers, any arrangement you order comes as a wrapped bouquet, in a box via FedEx, so it's up to the recipient to arrange the flowers and put them in a vase of their choice. Here's the finished "Sundae Kind of Love" arrangement - see below for a quick DIY overview:


Step 1: Gather supplies: a water-filled vase (floral food optional), a pair of garden shears or sharp scissors, and of course, your beautiful blooms.

Step 2: Take inventory of your florals and greenery, if any:

Step 3: Decide on the shape of your arrangement (round vs. v-shape, etc...), or for more free flowing fun, simply start trimming and seeing where your artistic eye takes you. I've been working on my asymmetrical v-shaped arrangements, so I started by building a base of greenery that was higher on one end and lower on the other.

Step 4: Measure your stems against the height of your vase to make sure you're not trimming any of them too short. If you like the more "wild" look of heavier blooms closer to the lip of the vase, and more airy and lighter pieces reaching out and away from the center, start with your heavier stems, and save your taller and lighter pieces for after you've built out the shape with the heavier stems.

Step 5: Trim every stem at a 45 degree angle to allow the stem the maximum surface area for absorbing water. If any stems are out of water for more than 10 seconds, give it a fresh trim (learned this from Farmgirl!). Repeat for each stem.

Step 6: Build a foundation base by criss crossing stems. As you trim each stem, look for any damaged or spoiled leaves or petals and make sure to remove them gently so that the rest of the flowers and greenery don't get contaminated. Remove any leaves that are below the waterline.

Step 7: Keep building out your desired shape, all the while making sure there's enough room for each flower to breathe and that they're not packed in too tightly.

Step 8: Now that we've filled out the gaps and created a v-shape, we can use the taller and lighter pieces to emphasize the shape:

Step 9: Find a nice spot in your home that's out of direct sunlight to display your newly minted masterpiece! Change the water every 1-2 days to extend the life of your centerpiece. Bonus: give your stems a fresh trim every 2 days; check and remove any flowers that start to wilt.

Hope you enjoyed this quick overview! For a more detailed walk-through, check out my step-by-step DIY floral arrangement here. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, or any thoughts on what else you'd like to see in a walk-through. Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and healthy Valentine's Day! #HappyValentinesDay #Valentines2021 #ValentinesDIY #ValentinesCenterpiece #WinterBouquet #FloralStories #ValentinesBouquet #FloralArrangement #FloralDesign #FarmgirlFlowers #FloralInspo #CenterpieceIdeas #DIYcenterpieces #FreshBlooms #Roses #Ranunculus #CutFlowers #PrettyPetals #Flowers2021 #FlowerMagic #FloralBouquet #FlowerPower #FarmgirlFlowers

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