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(May)field of Dreams in Sunny San Juan Capistrano


31761 Camino Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Phone: 949.218.5140

Average cost: $$

Parking: San Juan Capistrano public parking lots ($2/hour)

Notes: well-designed upstairs patio dining and aesthetically gorgeous decor and open air concept

Mayfield provides a modern Californian twist on classic flavors from the Levant region, an area spanning the Middle East, Mediterranean and North Africa. This restaurant + market has all the makings of an amazing place to gather and enjoy: delicious flavors, creative cocktails, and gorgeous design details, all rolled into their open air and welcoming space!

To keep restaurant guests safe, there's a hand sanitizer dispenser and a cute kiosk where you can scan Mayfield's QR code for a contactless menu. Because of Mayfield's open air design, we were offered the option of sitting downstairs near their beautiful bar, or going upstairs to enjoy their patio. We chose the latter but definitely gawked a little at all the pretty design details on the way up:

We kicked off our leisurely weekend breakfast (celebrating starting a new job) with two of Mayfield's signature cocktails that our waiter recommended:

LUCKY YOU: Rhubarb gin, genepi, aperol, honey, lemon, smoked rosemary

THE TURKISH DELIGHT: Gin, rose vermouth, creme de violette, cardamom & rose, egg white, hibiscus flower essence

Both were delicious and refreshing, and not overly sweet! Thanks in part to the honey and lemon, the "Lucky You" was a stronger and more flavorful drink compared to the "Turkish Delight", which had a smoother, floral, and slightly sweeter taste.

Mayfield offers an extensive menu, and we're looking forward to trying more items on our next visit, but for our first visit, we wanted to hit some highlights. Our waiter confirmed that the ZFC (Za'atar Fried Chicken Sandwich) and Shakshuka were crowd pleasers, and we were happy to hear that we could swap out the fries that come with the ZFC for Mayfield's signature Crispy Smashed Yukon Potatoes (smashed and deep fried, yummmm) for a small upcharge.

ZFC (ZA'ATAR FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH): Za’atar fried chicken sandwich, house ranch, apple & kohlrabi slaw and fries

SHAKSHUKA: Eggs cooked in a delicious tomato sauce, black kale and feta served with grilled sourdough and topped with dill

The ZFC was perfectly cooked, with a satisfyingly crunchy exterior and juicy interior. The chicken was also deliciously seasoned, although I didn't get super strong notes from the za'atar. The biggest joy for us was Mayfield's crispy smashed yukon potatoes; the slight upcharge is well worth it, and we found the delicious crispy texture to be super addicting!

The Shakshuka was packed full of flavor but well balanced; the bright acidity of the tomato sauce was tempered by the smoothness of the fresh dill. We were too stuffed to contemplate dessert, but that's definitely something to look forward to next time.

Mayfield's downstairs level not only has a beautiful bar, there is also a mini "marketplace" with some pretty things for sale to enjoy at home...

After breakfast, the weather was gorgeous, so we enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the block.

Weeks later, I came back with lunch bae to enjoy a drink at Mayfield's beautiful bar.

BEAT THE HEAT: Malfy grapefruit gin, Aperol, mint cordial, cucumber bitters, lemon and topped with prosecco

This time lunch bae tried the Turkish Delight, while I opted for a drink I hadn't tried yet - the Beat the Heat! It was perfectly refreshing on a warm day, and reminded me a little of a Pimm's Cup. Until next time!


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