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The Parker Palm Springs - Where You're Free to Explore and Dream (Part 2 of 3: Interiors)

Acclaimed designer Jonathan Adler designed The Parker Palm Springs once in 2003, and once again in 2017. With Adler's aesthetic and the ample beauty of the lush, gorgeous grounds, the unique juxtaposition of upscale and tongue-in-cheek irreverence, the Parker is maxed out in terms of hip factor, swanky suavities, and maximalist style.

After entering those iconic orange doors, there's a veritable feast for the eyes with all of Adler's bold designs and colorful aesthetic:

Left to right: suits of armor flanking the bathrooms, lobby waiting area, and one of two check-in concierge desks.

Speaking of bathrooms, at The Parker there is no detail is too small to max out: Check out the silver, intricate fish faucets in the lobby restroom (with Molton Brown soap and hand lotion), which are also mirrored in the guest room bathrooms:

While you're getting checked in, drink in this vibrant space across from the main check-in concierge desk as you sip on one of the chilled Evian waters offered to you (love that there's a little hippo next to the bright yellow planter).

The lobby houses The Parker's Mini Bar (open for outdoor service), and an ultra cozy living room space (closed due to COVID restrictions, but you can still see the beautiful earthy decor).

Oh, and don't forget that famous photo op next to the lobby lounge (day look and night look):

As a guest, you'll be given a tour and personally guided to your room, which is a both a function of The Parker's amazing hospitality and service, but also born out of practicality, since the grounds are spacious and lush but may be tricky for guests to navigate on the very first try. Depending on where your room is located, this may be some of your first glimpses of the estate: outdoor dining spaces at Norma's, lush pampas grass, and covered pathways:

Real talk - we were offered help with our luggage more than once, and we were always like, nah, we got this. But if you're staying at the North building (like we were), be forewarned it's a little bit of a trek, and it definitely got me wishing that my luggage had off-road wheels, lol. Though our luggage rolls easily on smooth surfaces, the sand/dirt from the outdoor pathways created a bit more resistance than the wheels are used to - first world problems, I know. :)

After the helpful tour, we made it to our spacious, second floor King room in the North Building! The small chandelier in the entryway caught my eye.

You can't really tell because of the window reflection, but the room's view is of some greenery, flowers, and hammocks on the ground floor:

Left to right: spacious bathroom with double sinks and shower tub, probably some of the best hotel amenities (Hermès soap, Le Labo Santal 33 shampoo, Pharmacopia citrus conditioner, L'Occitane vegetable soap, Acqua Di Parma bath & shower gel and body cream, Blistex lip balm, and Aēsop mouthwash), and the pink paper actually has the room service menu on the back.

Colorful armchair and cushions (that gold Moroccan pouf though...) next to the double door bathroom, and the coziest slippers (left on bedroom carpet and right on pretty pink bathroom tile). So cozy I had to bring them back home.

Some special COVID-related touches: disinfecting wipes, disposable masks, and hand sanitizer in your room, and many hand sanitizer stands located throughout the estate, both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, there are QR code contactless menus available at Norma's and the Mini Bar.

One other note on The Parker's attention to detail: Depending on the role, all of the estate's staff members have different uniforms, and they not only communicate function, but they also beautifully match the aesthetics of The Parker:

For more on The Parker's dreamy exterior spaces and lush acres to explore, including their two outdoor pools and wonderful amenities, see here.

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