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Tiffany's Blue Box Cafe x Cha Cha Matcha Pop Up at South Coast Plaza

Tiffany's Blue Box Cafe x Cha Cha Matcha Pop Up at South Coast Plaza's Tiffany & Co

3333 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

T: (714) 540-5330 press 7

Average cost: $$

Parking: plenty of parking options at South Coast Plaza. Tiffany's is located between Jewel Court and Carousel Court, so the South Parking Structure looks closest.

Pop Up Hours (likely until the end of October 2021): 11 am - 5 pm

Notes: luxurious and gorgeous ambiance with amazing service. A little light on the matcha flavor but the pastries more than make up for it.

Recommended: for a special treat alone or quality time with loved ones in a beautiful setting

Last December, we thoroughly enjoyed experiencing a luxurious Tiffany Tea for Two at home, and like so many other Blue Box Cafe fans, we've been anxiously awaiting the grand opening of afternoon tea service at South Coast Plaza's Blue Box Cafe. Although afternoon tea service is still on hold, in the meantime you can enjoy this gorgeous Tiffany space via a creative Cha Cha Matcha pop up!

Pink and Tiffany Blue Collaboration for the Cha Cha Matcha and Tiffany Blue Box Cafe Pop Up at South Coast Plaza

I was so impressed by the thoughtful service from start to finish: from the moment I set foot inside, I was greeted by a friendly face at the door, to Sarah, the lovely store manager, who walked me to Blue Box Cafe, noticed with delight that my nails serendipitously matched "Tiffany Blue," and apologized because their cafe staff was running a tad behind schedule. Sarah kindly offered to comp my cafe order, but because I wanted to try several things, I couldn't take advantage of such generosity!

Drinks at the Cha Cha Matcha and Tiffany Blue Box Cafe Pop Up at South Coast Plaza: Matcha Lemonade, Purple Drink, and Matcha Latte

Despite the staff's best efforts to convince me that my pastries and drinks were on them, I insisted and we compromised - they generously gifted me these three matcha drinks and I paid for the pastries so that I could tip them for their wonderful service and attention to detail.

I was looking forward to trying the avocado toast, but since this pop up is still fairly new, there are a still some menu items that aren't fully available yet (e.g., hot drinks and avocado toast).

These donut holes were delightful little puffs filled with a tasty cream filling - the first one I bit into was a sweet and creamy custard filling that was (what else?) Tiffany Blue and delicious. I was too full after trying the croissant to eat more of the donut holes, so I packed up the rest in a to-go box, so I didn't find out until later that there was an additional flavor profile for the donut holes: matcha custard filling!

The croissant was flaky, well decorated, and also filled with the same delicious Tiffany Blue filling:

Food at the Cha Cha Matcha and Tiffany Blue Box Cafe Pop Up at South Coast Plaza - Croissant

On to the drinks! My favorite by far was the matcha lemonade because it had wonderful yuzu flavor and mint, and was not super sweet. Refreshing and perfect for a warm day:

Matcha Lemonade with Yuzu

Next up was the iced matcha latte; I meant to try the hot version, but since only iced drinks were available at the time, I opted for this instead. It was creamy and easy to drink, but I didn't get a whole lot of matcha flavor and I missed the slightly fragrant bitterness that I associate with matcha:

Matcha Latte

I was debating between ordering the purple drink and the blue drink, and was recommended the purple drink, which consists of CBD, lavender, milk, and you can add matcha as well. This drink was my least favorite because it was much sweeter and the lavender flavor was dominant. If you love lavender drinks, you'll probably like this! I find that lavender is very overpowering so I have a hunch I will probably like the blue drink more, which I found out after the fact is less sweet.

Purple Drink: Lavender and Matcha and CBD

Tiffany Blue Box Cafe Decor

Very thankful to have a Blue Box Cafe in such close proximity! Left feeling very satisfied and with plenty of leftovers to enjoy at home.

I saw on my way out that there's actually another entrance that is closer to Blue Box Cafe, so if you're looking at the main Tiffany's entrance, walk a little further down, and you'll see the second entrance.

So long for now and thank you again for such generosity and wonderful service! Hoping for another opportunity to come back and try other menu items like the blue drink and soft serve / frozen yogurt (and hopefully the avocado toast and hot drinks as they become available).

Tiffany & Co Sign

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It really was! I hope you get a chance to check it out soon. 💕

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