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Roam with Rudy (the Bulldog) in Costa Mesa

Hope your 2022 is bright, healthy, and happy! For our first post of 2022, we're sharing the prize package we won from LOCALE Magazine’s Instagram contest for Avenue of the Arts Costa Mesa Hotel and the "Light Up Your Holidays" Shopping Package! It was definitely our lucky day, and we were so happy to bring our English bulldog Rudy on his first ever staycation in Costa Mesa, which included:

We kicked off our Costa Mesa weekend by checking into the Avenue of the Arts Costa Mesa, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel.

Rudy, dressed in his finest Santa bandana, checked himself out in the hotel elevator's mirror.

Rudy confidently explored the hotel room (and also looked into this mirror as well):

Although it was a rainy day, the room's lake views were still beautiful.

We had a cozy night in because of the rain. Luckily, the next day was a beautiful and clear one and Rudy was ready to roam! Our first stop was Silver Trumpet for our complimentary breakfasts.

Since we had Rudy with us, we sat outside and enjoyed the lakeside views.

Silver Trumpet offers a wide variety for breakfast and brunch from 7-11 am; the complimentary option is the "Silver Trumpet Classic," which consists of your choice of bacon or sausage, eggs any style, delicious breakfast potatoes, and your choice of toast. This was Rudy's face 95% of the time we were eating:

Don't worry: Rudy actually ate his fancy dog food already, but because he was being pretty good (and is always "hungry" no matter how much we feed him), he also scored some bits of unseasoned egg. We loved how pet friendly everyone at the Silver Trumpet was, as we had some folks asking to pet Rudy and also bringing him water without us asking (many thanks!). Rudy was ready to explore the lake after breakfast:

Soon Rudy was ready to leave the hotel and lakeside premises and roam farther.

Mr. Wiggly Butt leading the charge:

Because Rudy was the runt of the litter, we named him after the eponymous 1993 American biographical sports film starring Sean Astin. Rudy weighs around 50 pounds, but is incredibly compact, so most people don't expect that amount of weight or force because he does look fairly "smol," as he does here. Our first stop was the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, a beautiful performing arts center that has hosted several Broadway favs, including the Book of Mormon, Hamilton, Anastasia, and many more.

Rudy was very happy to explore!

Rudy was still very energetic after roaming around the Segerstrom plaza, so we continued our walk to Vaca, an incredibly delicious Spanish tapas restaurant that is our go-to whenever we have tickets to a Segerstrom show.

Tim got to show Rudy his old stomping grounds:

Rudy enjoyed sniffing the giant Christmas tree outside of the Westin South Coast Plaza and listening to the bird calls:

At this point, Rudy was finally showing some signs of slowing down, so we knew it was time to take him back for some water and a nap! We'll be back with another "roam with Rudy" soon!

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